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Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing


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Position Statement by the Council:

The WI Governor's Council for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Deaf-Blind advocates for automatic inclusion of the T-coil option (also known as a telecoil, T-switch or Audiocoil) on all hearing instruments sold in the state of Wisconsin unless omitted by documented, informed consent of the hearing aid purchaser at the initial examination for fitting and sale of a hearing aid.

The Council feels it is extremely important that, prior to selecting a hearing aid, every potential hearing aid purchaser in Wisconsin is informed & educated by their licensed  hearing health professional about the benefits of t-coils for use with telephones, hearing loops & other assistive listening devices.


For more information about hearing loops, go to:






Next Meeting: Friday, September 12, 2014  (PDF, 200 KB)


What Does the Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Do?

The Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is a group of nine people who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind and hearing (e.g., parent of a deaf child, teacher of the deaf, interpreter) appointed by the Governor to advise him, the Department of Health Services and the Office for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing about issues and concerns affecting over 500,000 people in Wisconsin who are deaf, hard of hearing and/or deaf-blind.   



When Does the Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Meet?

The Council meets four times a year, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Department of Health Services building in Madison. 

* The meeting room is equipped with a Loop assistive listening system. Interpreter and real time captioning services will be provided.



Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Seeks Candidates to Serve:

Applicants are always invited to apply for appointment to the Council. Candidates may serve a 4-year staggered term or serve out a term vacated by a former Council member.  Deaf, Deaf-Blind and hard of hearing individuals are strongly encouraged to apply.   


If you are interested, please contact Melani Kaplan, Office for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing’s liaison to the Council or call at 608-338-0860 (Voice/VideoPhone).  Instructions on how to apply is available on Governor Walker's website.



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Council Actions


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Last Revised:  September 03, 2014


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